Cooking Classes

BBQ is not a cheap hobby when you look at the cost of meat, rub and sauces. Our BBQ classes are aimed at the backyard Barbecue cook because good BBQ is good Barbecue regardless if your audience is friends and neighbors or experienced Barbecue judges.

This season, get grilling with City Smoke and learn the fine art of barbecue from one of the best, City Smoke Barbecue Chef Steve Couden.

The combination hands-on and demonstration sessions will make you understand that barbeque is just not that hard, complicated or time consuming. Our definition of barbecue is very simple: BBQ…..low, slow and FUN! We teach you the “why” in each step so you can apply the concepts you learn to any dish cooked on any cooker.

The classes are fun filled with learning and eating for cooks of all experience levels. Our small hands on classes (10 to 15 participants) are all about improving your cooking skills and getting the best results with the least effort. Topics for each session include all the basics, from safety and equipment, to food preparations, cooking techniques and final presentation. If you cook on a simple charcoal kettle, a big stainless grill or a trailer off-set smoker these classes will help you get the most out of your cooker. If you don’t have a cooker or want to upgrade we can help you choose one.

In our backyard or yours, City Smoke Barbecue cooking classes are bringing the fun back into cooking. Contact us about a class today and see just how easy it is to fall in love with outdoor cooking…City Smoke Style!

Chicken and Pork – Boston Butt 101 – Class fee $75.00 per person

Class fees include lunch and instruction.

What you will learn:


  • How to prep a whole chicken and thighs.
  • What is brine and how to use it to keep poultry moist?
  • How to know when chicken is done?
  • How to cut a whole chicken.
  • Tasting of finished product for lunch.


  • How to prep a bone in Boston butt- is it from Boston and is it a butt?
  • How to make an injection for added flavor.
  • Meat glue for your rub to stick to the meat.
  • The built in thermometer of knowing when it’s done and using a digital thermometer.
  • How to pull the pork when it’s done- hand pull, chopped, slice.


  • Different types of ribs- Spares/Baby Backs.
  • How to prep them- cut down Spares to St. Louis Cut.
  • How to make a marinade for ribs.
  • Meat glue for your rub to stick to the meat.
  • How to know when ribs are done; use of a digital thermometer- your best friend in BBQ!
  • How to cut ribs- One bone or Hollywood style- 2 bone.


  • How to prep a whole brisket.
  • Different grades of meat – Select, Choice, Prime.
  • Cooking the flat vs. the point/butt of the brisket.
  • Meat glue for your rub to stick to the meat.
  • How to know when Brisket is done, use of a digital thermometer.
  • How to slice a brisket against the grain or with?

What else will I learn in the cooking class?

  • What is the difference between grilling and barbecuing?
  • How to make an all purpose rub- 5 stages: Salt, Sugar, Appearance, Heat, and Flavor. Portions of a rub 33% method.
  • How you can use a small grill as a smoker using the indirect method on a Grill.
  • Basic instructions on using a 9ft Smoker, vertical smoker and small grill.
  • Discussion on the various types of grills/Smokers- Pellet smoker, Big Green Egg ceramic grill/smoker, in direct gas grills- is that cheating?
  • Types of wood to use in smoking.

Classes cover two meats- ribs/chicken or pork/brisket.

Classes are scheduled in your location of choice with a kitchen available (minimum of 10 students) four-hour sessions can be scheduled on weekend afternoons and/or evenings. Lunch or Dinner is included.